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What is Azmock

“Borderless Education”

Azmock is basically a Media Platform for oversea schools. It is a service born to find a shop that is right for me. Currently, overseas schools could not market to other countries due to the current study abroad system and language barrier.However, Azmock is a website helps schools to offer information to other countries by automatic translation.

Features of Azmock

1Media platform for oversea school

We created each school page and summarized finely up to the undergraduate, examination information ~ review, ranking.

2Information dissemination platform

Platform that can transmit primary information from the school side to the Japanese market.

3Free pamphlet request

Function to request oversea school’s pamphlet by free.

Overwhelming number of views

Currently, most people searching for schools on the Internet are searching for "keyword" search of major search engines.When searching for keywords, the azmock page is displayed at the top and the number clicked also rises with each step, so the overwhelming increase is the person who knows the school or who wants to go to school.

Actual plan of secondary attracting customers

In addition to primary customers for "people searching for schools by search" that can be realized at other Media, secondary customers can be sent to disseminate information to "fans of schools" and "connections of fans of schools".


Standard Plan
Tansmit Info
Pamphlet Request
Pro Plan
Ads on Top Page
Priority Beta Invitations

Application flow



Please apply from this application form.



After replying after submitting your application details,Our representative will contact you.



Please make arrangements with the person in charge of our company by telephone or e-mail, and we will arrange the pictures and the text of menu contents etc to be posted by e-mail.



Based on the photographs and texts received, we will publish it after creating the page at our company.

Contact Information

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